How to add Favorites Channels on IviewHD IPTV

Are you tired of scrolling through endless channels on your IviewHD IPTV service? Adding favorite channels can revolutionize your viewing experience. This feature allows users to curate a personalized list of preferred channels, making it easier to access desired content without the hassle of repetitive searches. But how exactly do you add favorite channels on IviewHD IPTV? Let’s explore the simple steps to make your viewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.


What are add Favorites Channels?

Add Favorites Channels” refers to one of the features of the IPTV service installed on a variety of devices. This feature allows users to select their favorite channels to add to their set groups. and build personalized lists that can help them access and view them. To enhance the viewing experience.

Why add Favorites Channels?

Add Favorites Channels enhances your user experience by giving you quick and easy access to your favorite content. saving you time viewing channels. This increases efficiency and search effort. You can add a list of channels according to the user’s preferences for a better-customized viewing experience. While maintaining consistency, it gives users a sense of familiarity. Parents can also use this feature to set parental controls for specific channels. And label content that is not suitable for children. Requires approval to access.

The ability to add favorite channels or content enhances usability and convenience. and personalization, resulting in a more satisfying entertainment experience for users.


How to add Favorites Channels on IviewHD IPTV

When you visit IviewHD IPTV check out some live channels and come across your favorite sports channel or soap episode channel. do you have the urge to add them to your favorites? Because this will put their next startup, you can find in the favorites, to say goodbye to tedious procedures, saving most of the time. Don’t worry! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add a favorite channel on IviewHD IPTV. Please keep your pace and look down.

  • 1. Start IviewHD IPTV, go to the main screen, and click “Live TV”.
  • 2. Next you will see a variety of international channel categories and sports channels in the menu bar. Navigate the remote to your favorite channel and press OK.
  • 3. Please scroll to your favorite channel and press the remote control OK button again.
  • 4. To display the information bar while the channel is playing, press and hold the ‘OK’ key on the remote control key.
  • 5. Next you will see the star icon on the left of the information bar saying “Add FAV“. Please scroll the remote control here and press the Confirm button. Then, the program is added to the Favorites bar.

6. If you want to cancel the addition, hold down the OK key, display the information bar, and scroll to the star icon “Remove FAV” in the lower left corner. Press and hold the remote OK button to cancel adding channels.


7. Next please visit the left menu bar “FAV”, now you can view the channels you have added.


How to Create a List of Favorite Channels in the IviewHD IPTV Program

Create a favorite channel list in the IviewHD IPTV program, which allows you to access the channels you are interested in. Whether you like sports, movies, or variety, you can create and add to the category. Improve your viewing experience by making it easy to find. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Start IviewHD IPTV, go to the main screen, and click on the bottom navigation bar “Fav Manager“.
  • 2. Now you are in “My Groups“. Please click” Add Group” in the left menu bar.
  • 3. Later you can create a Group Name.
  • 4. Next click on “Add channels”.
  • 5. Now, please select your favorite channel of the same type and check to add it to the new favorites list. Save your changes by clicking the “Save change” button on the left.
  • 6. Go back to Live TV” to view the TV Group. You will find the added category and channel in the channel list on the left.

7. If you want to delete or rename the created channel list, revisit the “Fav Manager“. Then long-press the channel list and select the action you want from the available options.

  • 8. Now you can enjoy and view your customized channel list to see your favorite live channels.

How to add a Movie or TV Series to My Favorites in IviewHD IPTV

Certainly, here are the steps for adding movies or TV series to your favorites list in the IviewHD App, presented as list:

  1. Navigate to the main menu of the App and select either “Movies” or “TV Series.”access-VOD-13
  2. Choose the specific movie or TV series you want to include.
  3. Once on the detail page of the selected movie or TV series, click on the “ADD FAV” button.add-favories-movies-14
  4. To view your favorites, go to the “Fav” section in the left menu where you’ll find the recently added movie or TV series.favories-movies-15

By following these straightforward instructions, you can effortlessly add movies or TV series to your favorites list within the IviewHD App, ensuring convenient access at any time without the need for repetitive searches.

How to add channels to Favorites from the IviewHD IPTV channels menu

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How to Add Favorite Channels on Firestick

Would you like to streamline your Amazon Firestick experience by arranging your preferred apps and TV channels for quicker access? Here’s a straightforward approach to achieve this: Begin by accessing your app list. From there, select the app you want to prioritize. Next, use the button on your remote featuring three horizontal lines. This action enables you to either reposition the app within your list for easier visibility or instantly add it to your favorites, ensuring swift access. Refer to the tutorial guide below for detailed assistance.


What is IPTV’s Favorite Function?

The “favorites” feature is a handy tool that enables users to create a tailored collection of channels, programs, or other content. By doing so, users can easily access their preferred content without the hassle of repeated searches. This functionality is commonly found in multimedia applications and IPTV services, offering users a seamless and personalized viewing experience.

Does IviewHD IPTV have favorites?

Yes, IviewHD IPTV offers a customized IviewHD App and IviewHD Plus App, which provides a favorite function for users to add and delete favorite channels, as well as create a new channel list.

What are your Favorites?

“Favorites” refer to personalized collections or lists that users create within television or multimedia applications. This feature allows users to add their favorite channels, TV programs, video content, or other media resources to a specific list. The primary purpose is to provide convenient access to these selections without the need for repetitive searches. The “Favorites” feature aids users in managing and browsing their most cherished content more easily, enhancing the personalized and convenient aspect of their media consumption experience. This functionality is commonly found in TVs, streaming devices, or applications, catering to users’ personalized entertainment needs.

How do I customize my IPTV channel list?

Customizing your IPTV channel lineup can be enhanced with the following suggestions:
1. Streamline channel organization by categorizing them. This simplifies the process of locating specific channels.
2. Elevate your preferred channels to the forefront of the list for convenient access.
3. Eliminate channels that seldom capture your interest.
4. Infuse a personalized touch by incorporating custom names and logos for a unique channel viewing experience.

How do I get out of favorites on IPTV?

Review the IPTV channel roster, ensuring that essential channels slated for inclusion in the Favorites are duly marked with an asterisk. Employ the F3 key to seamlessly add or remove a channel from the Favorites list. Note: You have the option to bypass the IPTV channel viewing stage and proceed directly to the IPTV channel list window.

How do I organize my IPTV channels?

Efficient Management of Favorites in IPTV Applications:
1. Leverage the “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” functionality to preserve your preferred channels and shows.
2. Opt for applications equipped with folders or categories to enhance the organization of your selections.
3. Enhance your viewing experience by setting show reminders for favorited content.
4. Seek applications that offer search, filter, and sorting options for added convenience.

How do I add favorites to my Android TV box?

1. Turn on Your Android TV Box: Power up your device and wait for the home screen to appear.
2. Navigate to the Channel or App: Use your remote to browse through the available channels or apps on your device. For adding favorite channels, ensure that your TV is connected via a coaxial cable, either to an antenna or a direct cable connection.
3. Set Your TV to the Desired Channel: If you’re adding a channel to your favorites, tune your TV to the channel you want to add.
4. Access the Action Menu: On your remote, press the ‘ACTION MENU’ button. This is particularly necessary for adding channels when using a coaxial cable.
5. Add to Favorites: Under the ‘TV’ category in the menu, select ‘Add to Favorites’. This will add your current channel to the favorites list.
6. For Apps: If you’re adding an app to your favorites, highlight the app you wish to add, then access the options menu (usually indicated by three vertical dots or a similar symbol) and select ‘Add to Favorites’ or a similar option.
7. Check Your Favorites List: Go to your favorites list, which is usually accessible from the main home screen or within a specific menu, to ensure that your selected channel or app has been added.
8. Rearrange if Needed: Some Android TV boxes allow you to rearrange your favorites. This can typically be done by selecting the favorite and moving it to your desired position in the list.
Remember, these steps might vary slightly depending on the specific model and version of your Android TV box. If these instructions don’t align with your device’s interface, refer to the user manual for model-specific guidance.

How to create, modify or view your favorites list with the Fibe TV app on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Navigate to the main menu and select Settings. Scroll down to the Filters section.
Select Manage Favourites. Scroll down and select the channels you want to set as favorites. The channels have been set as favorites when you see a heart icon at the top left corner. To remove a channel that has already been set as a favorite, select the channel again.

How do I add my favorite channels to my Samsung TV?

1 Click the Home button on your Samsung remote.
2 Select Live TV then Channel List. …
3 Navigate to and select Edit Channels.
4 Scroll down to Favorites then select Add Channels. …
5 Select the channel you wish to add to your Favorites then Add.
6 Select Save and Exit.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, adding favorite channels on IviewHD IPTV is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your viewing pleasure. By following the steps outlined above, you can effortlessly create a personalized lineup of channels that cater to your preferences. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a movie buff, or a fan of TV series, having quick access to your favorite content is now at your fingertips. Say goodbye to tedious channel surfing and hello to a more streamlined and enjoyable IPTV experience with IviewHD.

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