How to Register and Buy IviewHD IPTV

Want to know how to buy IviewHD IPTV? This is an instant IPTV. When you register and subscribe, the system will send you an activation code within a few minutes. Let you guarantee to stream your favorite live paid international channels, sports events, and VOD services in the fastest time.


In this guide, we walk you through the simple steps of signing up and purchasing an IviewHD IPTV subscription. ensuring seamless access to a variety of content live channels and on-demand content. Please follow our instructions.


Video: How to Buy?

Before looking at the detailed steps. you can understand the detailed process of how to sign up and get an IPTV subscription code through the most intuitive video Angle. Check out the video below.

How to Register IviewHD IPTV Account?

Register the IviewHD IPTV Account is very simple, you need to follow these steps to complete the instructions.

  • 2. Fill in the registration information and click “Register“.
  • 3. Please check your registered email address. and you will receive a verification email from IviewHD IPTV to verify your account. Click the login link.
  • 4. Next, please enter the email address and password you have registered. Enter the information and click “Log In”.

How to Buy an IviewHD IPTV Subscription?

1. Go to the IviewHD IPTV website and find the Buy IPTV / IPTV Free Trial button in the navigation bar.

  • 2. Select the IviewHD IPTV subscription plan (IPTV Free Test and paid subscription).
  • 3. Add the selected IPTV Free Test and paid subscription plan to the Shopping check and click “Proceed to checkout“.
  • 4. Next, please fill in the relevant information as required. The place marked with red * must be filled in. (IPTV Free trial does not need a payment method) Please be sure to read our Terms of Service and check the box to say that you agree to these terms. Click “Place order”.
  • 5. Once your order has been placed, you will receive information about your IPTV activation code.
  • 6. Click on “My account” in the Xtrix TV IPTV website navigation bar. then click on “License keys” in the left information panel to see your IPTV subscription activation code.
  • 7. There is another way to find the IPTV activation code, you only need to open your email to view it. Sometimes the inbox does not see, you can check the spam. If still not found, you can contact us.



Is the IviewHD account my IPTV subscription login credential?

The IviewHD account serves as the gateway to the IviewHD website, where you can access and manage your order details. This includes retrieving your IPTV subscription activation code for seamless setup and activation.

Can I buy your service without registering for an IviewHD account?

Yes, while it’s possible to buy our IPTV subscription without registering for an IviewHD account, I highly suggest completing registration beforehand. Your IviewHD account streamlines access to order details and IPTV activation codes, ensuring a smoother experience. Although we’ll email order details, occasional delays or spam filtering may occur.

What devices are compatible with IviewHD IPTV?

IviewHD IPTV is compatible with Android-based devices such as Android TVs, Android TV boxes, Android phones, Android tablets, Amazon Firestick, and Nvidia Shield. If you have any concerns about the compatibility of your specific device, please feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance.

What should I do if I have trouble accessing IviewHD IPTV after purchasing a subscription?

If you’re experiencing any issues accessing IviewHD IPTV after purchasing a subscription, the first thing to do is to make sure that your subscription is active and that you have entered the correct IPTV activation code. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact our customer support team via email or live chat, and we’ll be happy to assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.


This guide provides an overview of registering and purchasing IviewHD IPTV. Their automated system provides instant activation, allowing you to start streaming immediately.

If any problems arise, the IviewHD professional customer support team is ready to help. Contact them for help with any problem big or small. IviewHD is committed to providing superior IPTV service and support.

Congratulations now! You have learned how to register and buy an IviewHD IPTV subscription. After setting up your account and activating your subscription. you can now enjoy an immersive entertainment experience like never before. Get ready to explore a wealth of live channels and on-demand content at your fingertips. Have fun streaming!

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