How to Update Firestick & Remote

Firestick is an affordable and user-friendly streaming device, including a Firestick remote control for easy navigation. It is widely utilized for accessing various streaming services and content, including IPTV UK, thereby enhancing entertainment experiences in homes worldwide. Regular updates are crucial to ensuring optimal performance and functionality of your Firestick and remote control. In this article, we will delve into the importance of how to update Firestick and remote, along with other related issues. Let’s explore why keeping your Firestick and remote updated is essential for maximizing your viewing pleasure.


When should the Firestick be updated?

In general, the developers of Firestick will release updates to the latest version of the system. Usually in about a week. So update once a week at most.


Why Update Firestick?

  • Update Firestick to improve your device performance and reduce lag and application freezing.
  • Update Firestick to improve your device features and feature selection.
  • Update Firestick to help you fix bugs and bugs in older versions and reduce glitches.
  • Update Firestick to help you fix frequent crashes in your application. And cut problems with streaming devices.

How long does the Firestick Update take

Firestick Update generally takes only a few simple steps, so it is fast, but it depends on your Internet speed. Generally, the installation takes about 5-10 minutes. If your Internet connection is slow, it may take longer.

Does the Fire TV Stick update automatically?

Yes. The Fire TV Stick checks for updates and downloads the installation when connected to the Internet. the Fire TV Stick updates in the background when a new software version is available. Of course, you can also update it by setting it. disable the automatic update option in the Settings.

What you need to know before you Update Firestick

  • Update Firestick First you need to connect to a Premium Internet. The faster the network speed, the better, it will not be interrupted and buffered during the update process.
  • Second, do not disconnect the Firestick device during the Update. If you die during the update process, it may cause damage to your device’s hardware. If your device isn’t responding at this point, you can hold down the “Select” and “Play/Pause” buttons on your Fire TV remote. Press and hold for 5-7 seconds to restart your device.
  • Finally, before you are ready to update Firestick. it is recommended that you close all applications that have been started on your device to exit the background. With the above steps, you can proceed to the installation of Firestick Update.

How to Update Firestick – Update to Firestick’s Latest version

Next, I’ll show you how to Update the Firestick on your Fire TV 4K Max. Keep up the pace and do the following.

  1. Connect your Fire TV 4K Max to a good network, then start your device and scroll the remote mouse to the Settings icon on the
  2. Then scroll down to “My Fire TV” and click on
  3. Once you have performed this operation, scroll the remote mouse down to Install Update. Then install the update first. Go straight to the next step. Or you will see “Check for Update”. If this is what you see, then your device is up to date. If not, go to the next step after installing the
  4. Now that the installation is in progress, it may take 1-5 minutes to wait, depending on your Internet
  5. All right! Now your device system has been updated, it is the


This video guide will help you quickly learn how to update your Firestick to the latest version. I hope you found this video helpful.

Ok, now you should have updated the latest version of Firestick on your device. Firestick is a cheap and affordable device that has been favored by most users. The Fire TV Stick Remote not only enhances your viewing experience, the Fire TV Stick Remote is flexible. easy to operate, and can help you solve many navigation problems. If your Fire TV Stick Remote version is low. where the Remote may have some firmware that needs to be updated, then how do we complete the Fire TV Stick Remote update? Please continue to check.

How to Update My Fire TV Stick Remote

You can complete the Firestick remote control update process in just 4 simple steps.

  1. Please go to the Firestick Settings button.
  2. Then click “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”update-FireStick-remote-1
  3. Then scroll down to “Alexa Voice Remote“. Please choose to tap it.update-FireStick-remote-2
  4. Now you can use your remote to navigate the Fire TV and stream your favorite live channels.update-FireStick-remote-3

Video: How to Update Amazon Fire TV Stick & Remote


Why is my Firestick not updating?

If your Firestick is not updated, do the following:
1. Restart your Firestick device.
2. Check whether the network connection speed is slow.
3. Remove the power supply from the Firestick, and then reinsert and start the Firestick device.
4. Clear the Firestick cache to release space. Fix Firestick Buffering.

Do Firesticks need to be updated?

Amazon will release new software, you can choose to update your Firestick according to the prompt. And fix errors, improve performance, and get updated feature services.

How do I manually update my Amazon Firestick?

To manually update your Amazon Fire TV Stick, navigate to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates, then follow on-screen prompts to install any available updates.

Does jailbreaking Firestick affect updates?

Jailbreaking FireStick does not affect new updates. Again, you can use the same update method in the article to update your Firestick. This does not affect your jailbroken device, much less on device updates.

What if my FireStick update fails or sticks?

When you perform Firestick Update, a sudden delay occurs or the update fails. You may want to consider what is causing the problem. The first thing to consider is the network. A slow network can cause delays when updating Firestick. This is followed by errors or storage problems. To update your Firestick, your group needs to do the following:
1. Check the network connection, or reset the network and reconnect it.
2. Remove the power supply from the device and wait for a while. Then reconnect and start the device.
3. Check the memory storage space of the Firestick device and access About. and check whether the memory space of the Firestick device can be used to update the system.

Why is my Fire Stick remote not working?

The most common reason the Firestick remote doesn’t work is a TV problem, you can try replacing the battery before reloading. Or your remote does not pair with your Firestick device. So when you use the Firestick remote control, the Fire Stick remote is not working.


In conclusion, maintaining regular updates for your Firestick and its remote is paramount for enjoying uninterrupted streaming experiences and accessing the latest features and enhancements. By adhering to the straightforward steps provided in this guide. you can guarantee that your devices remain current. thereby elevating your entertainment experience while mitigating any potential issues. So, it is imperative not to postpone updating your Firestick and remote—do so today to capitalize on their capabilities and relish uninterrupted viewing pleasure. especially if you’re utilizing a UK IPTV subscription. Updating to the latest version not only boosts performance but also addresses vulnerabilities. Should you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us for help.

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